Research Initiatives

We are bringing South Carolina’s premier researchers together to assist in developing cutting edge, new technologies for the food, feed and agribusiness world. Our Director of Research is working to connect agribusiness challenges with South Carolina higher education researchers to create new solutions and technologies. She will work to ensure safety of food and agricultural products, to promote environmentally sound practices, and to develop new market opportunities for the South Carolina agricultural industry.

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Entrepreneurship Center

South Carolina is ripe with budding entrepreneurs who have new and innovative ideas in row crops, specialty crops(fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture and nursery crops), protein, aquaculture, timber, mechanical harvesting and agribusiness technology

ACRE’s Entrepreneurship Center will serve this audience with two tracks: Track 1 is for agribusiness entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their product or process into the marketplace but need investors and/or mentors. ACRE will work with entrepreneurs using a process similar to the very popular entrepreneurship television show where potential investors and successful business mentors help open doors, fuel potential and provide advice in creating new enterprises. Track 1 applications will be available in spring 2020.

The curriculum program will give an overview of the business planning process and how to best manage an agricultural business. Topics covered include pre-planning, marketing, pricing, cost of production, profitability, financial statements and management. All courses will be taught by Clemson’s Agribusiness Team.

Track 2 applications will be available in Fall 2020. Please contact Kyle Player,, if you have any questions.

Agribusiness Development Grants

Every year, federal and state grant money that could assist agribusiness entrepreneurs goes left undiscovered and unutilized. The ACRE Agribusiness Development Grants program has working with an agribusiness consulting firm in Aiken, SC to create a comprehensive guide to agribusiness grants.

ACRE will work to strengthen SCDA’s existing Farm Link program. The purpose of Farm Link is to facilitate conversations between farm owners and farm seekers and to track results of these connections.  ACRE’s enhancement will include program promotion, development of additional participants, collaboration with Clemson Extension to develop workshops and materials for farm transition, development of a user interface on the SCDA website, and facilitation of links between agribusinesses and farmers.


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Growth of agribusiness in SC is dependent on policies and laws that are welcoming of new and expanding businesses and farms.  ACRE will conduct research on local, state and federal agricultural topics and create white papers, talking points, crisis communications plans and official SCDA stances on critical issues.

Local Food and Logistics

ACRE will work to strengthen the collaboration between local farmers and the five South Carolina food hubs. To facilitate this collaboration, we will prioritize production coordination and logistics between farmers and the hubs with regularly scheduled pick-ups from the first haul to the last.

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