What We Do

We want to provide new opportunities for financial success and stability for those involved in agribusiness. Simply put, we want people from all aspects of agribusiness to be proud to be part of the business. By combining agriculture, research and entrepreneurship under one roof, ACRE can take a multifaceted approach when it comes to achieving the center’s objectives.

One overall, but important, objective is to recruit and establish additional economic prosperity for SC agribusiness from across the globe. In addition, ACRE will work to solve industry and agronomic issues, such as: How do we eliminate odor from livestock and poultry operations? How do we produce safer foods? How do we reduce the environmental impact of food production? The intention is to create new opportunities across the state by linking farming, agribusiness, research and entrepreneurship.

Much of what we do also includes acting as a resource for farmers. By helping them develop business acumen and business planning skills, they can identify agricultural niches that will bring prosperity to themselves and to the state.

ACRE is made up of six areas of emphasis:  research initiatives; entrepreneurship center; agribusiness development grants; SC Farm Link; policy; and local food and logistics.

In other words, ACRE is all about what comes next for agribusiness in South Carolina.