South Carolina is blessed with fertile soil, plentiful rainfall, and a historically strong agricultural legacy, yet we face many of the same challenges as states across the country: farm loss and consolidation, aging farmers, rising barriers to entry, international trade uncertainty, and evolving regulations, to name a few.

We believe that South Carolina’s farmers, processors, agribusinesses, and customers are up to the challenge. South Carolina needs people with passion for growing an agribusiness, because in doing so they grow a farm, a supply chain, and a community. Above all, we need farmers who are entrepreneurs: innovative leaders willing to work hard and think outside the box to bring healthy, diversified crops and products to the market.

It’s ACRE’s job to seek out and support such farmers. By hosting agribusiness workshops, running grant competitions for entrepreneurs, teaching new and beginning farmers the business skills they need to prosper, funding research, and supporting farmland transfer, ACRE works to inspire entrepreneurship and strengthen South Carolina agriculture from the bottom up.


Kyle E. Player  •  Executive Director 
803-734-2324  •  kplayer@scda.sc.gov

Annel K. Greene, Ph.D.  •  Director, ACRE Research 
803-722-0551  •  agreene@scda.sc.gov

Hannah Arndt  •  Program Coordinator, Office of Agribusiness Development
803-939-5751  •  harndt@scda.sc.gov


Since 2017, ACRE has:

•  Hosted agricultural workshops for 2,550 state residents (’18 – ’24)

•  Provided intensive agribusiness training to 122 entrepreneurs

•  Given grants totaling $1,253,500 to 100 entrepreneurs

•  Funded 34 major, industry-driven research projects

•  Served people in every South Carolina county

•  Received 6 USDA Rural Business Development Grants to extend our reach in rural South Carolina



“The ACRE team provided great insight and instruction … being associated with ACRE has been a wonderful experience!” — Pickens, SC

“ACRE challenged us to find ways to grow our business for success and gave us the technical and financial support to help make that growth a reality.” — Charleston, SC

“Participating in the business development workshop with ACRE has benefitted our business far beyond the grant we won.” — Aiken, SC

“The ACRE grant has changed my life.” — Charleston, SC